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Board & Staff

The people behind the scenes of GISC are critical to our success. Our board of directors reflects the same creative blend of leaders, therapists, consultants, coaches and academics that make up our faculty and our program participants. Their extraordinary commitment to GISC is based on their personal experience of the value of our programs. The Center staff are focus on supporting the excellence of our programs and the individual needs of each student.


"It was our enjoyable conversation which convinced me to register for your program, so thank you for your warmth and encouragement. If our encounter is any indication of the overall program, I am in for quite a wonderful experience!"

New GISC Student

Board of Directors


Michael Walsh, Chairman

Susan Clancy, Treasurer


Carol Edelstein, Secretary


Laurie Fitzpatrick, Managing Director


Katherine Greenleaf

Joseph Melnick


Ned Robinson-Lynch


Paul Rookwood

Amy Ruth Nevis

Donna Sabecky

Jamie Stewart

GISC Staff:

Laurie Fitzpatrick, Managing Director

Susan Teplansky,
Program Coordinator

Carolyn Cosker, Program Assistant

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“I have taken a lot of courses that have filled my head with a lot of wonderful ideas. Over time my recollection wanes and the course impact diminishes. Not so with the Center. The program I participated in at the Center has changed me. I am a different and better person. I am more effective at what I do and I have greater impact on the people around me. Because of the experiential nature, I cannot forget this program, it has become part of who I am.”

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