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Donna Dennis

Donna Dennis, PhD, PCC, is Co-Director of Leadership Development at GISC. She is a leadership development professional who assists individuals, teams and organizations to increase their effectiveness through executive coaching, team building, leadership assessment, and consulting. Donna also has NYU certification in Career Coaching and, with several colleagues, provides a variety of transition and career-oriented services.



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Donna has designed and delivered training in leadership development and most recently focused on how to build relationships and get work done in virtual environments. Donna recently completed the GISC Advanced Practice OD Consulting Certification, which included a project on virtual learning and development.

"GISC is unique in providing a learning environment where everyone focuses on what is done well. Learning to notice what is done well provides the doorway to noticing what is under-developed within individuals, teams, or groups. But what I have learned is that until I really got what I was doing well, I could not really grow, Growth is building onto the parts I do well. There is so much power in learning this way."
                                                                                   Donna Dennis


This year Donna is teaching:

> Facilitation Skills

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