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Sonia March Nevis (1927 - 2017)

Sonia March Nevis, PhD, was the co-founder of the Gestalt International Study Center. She practiced and taught Gestalt and family therapy concepts worldwide for many years. She was a founder of the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland where she created the Center for Intimate Systems, devoted to the training of couples and family therapists.



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Sonia was the primary contributor to the development of the Cape Cod Model, and was the founder and senior faculty member of the Cape Cod Training Program which she taught for over 35 years.



"Be generous - it's good for your heart
Learn to manage your disappointment
you are disappointing others often

Be curious - you'll be learning continuously
 Look for the humor in your life
there is more there than you think."

- Sonia March Nevis, PhD



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