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GISC Professional Associates

GISC’s Professional Associates – a group of leaders, organizational consultants, therapists, coaches, academics and other professionals – are a vital part of the health, sustainability and growth of GISC. These diverse and accomplished individuals are committed to GISC’s legacy, community, core concepts and approach, and are dedicated to supporting GISC and advancing its vision and mission in the world.


Read about the micro-intervention change model developed by
Sonia Nevis and her colleagues called the Cape Cod Model

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"More than any organization I have been connected to, I am regularly reminded of GISC’s commitment not just to providing professional and personal development, but to changing peoples lives, and to making the world a better place."

Stuart Simon
GISC Faculty Member

For an individual biography, please select from our list of professional associates below:

> Lucy Ball
> Anne Belden
> Heather Berthoud
> Awilda Borres
> Janet Britcher
> Carol Brockmon
> Debra Brosan
> Donna Buonopane
> Dave Bushy
> Ann Carr
> Perry Carrison
> Susan Clancy
> Marcy Crary
> Donna Dennis
> Carol Edelstein
> Susan Fischer
> Laurie Fitzpatrick
> Christiane Frischmuth
> Seán Gaffney
> Linda Geitner

> Jennifer Gould
> Tom Gross
> Gwynne Guzzeau

> Sharona Halpern
> Nancy Hardaway

> Belinda Harris
> Louise Holmes
> Jane Honeck
> Sue Johnson
> Fran Johnston
> Mark Koenigsberg
> Deb Lane
> Mark Magerman
> Alysia Melnick
> Joe Melnick
> Spencer Melnick
> Amy Ruth Nevis
> Melanie Nevis
> Sophie Parker
> Forrestine Paulay
> Trish Perry
> Malcolm Poole
> Elizabeth Reuthe
> John Reuthe
> Archie Roberts
> Paul Rookwood

> Robert Ross
> Marianne Roy
> Diane Russ
> Nancy Rutkowski
> Beverly Ryle
> Donna Sabecky
> Sarah Scala
> Les Schwab
> Jackie Sherman
> Michael Shipman
> Stuart Simon
> Sid Snow
> Deb Stewart
> Jamie Stewart
> Zeynep Tözüm
> Deborah Ullman
> Judith Underhill
> Lynn Varagona
> Mary Anne Walk
> Michael Walsh
> John Wipfler

"It’s rare to find a place and a group
of people where you can think and be.
With so much pressure to do, to be active and productive, the respite provided by GISC is invaluable. The opportunity to reflect, recharge, and retool means that when I return to the world of doing I’m much more effective. I’m equipped at my core so that my actions are informed, not by a mechanical knowing but by a deeper understanding of myself, other people, and the world around me.

Heather Berthoud
GISC Professional Associate
Leading Nonprofit Organizations

Berthoud Consulting


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