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Deb Lane

Deborah Lane, BSW, is a Gestalt Coach (also ICF PCC), a businesswoman who has run her own construction company for over 35 years. She has studied for over 20 years with Sonia Nevis (and other Gestalt luminaries, including Edwin Nevis).


Deb Lane


"More than any organization I have been connected to, I am regularly reminded of GISC’s commitment not just to providing professional and personal development, but to changing peoples lives, and to making the world a better place."

Stuart Simon
GISC Faculty Member

Deborah has been a trained energy worker for over 25 years. She is a graduate of the Cape Cod Training Program, and has applied her Gestalt methodology and philosophy in her spiritual life, her coaching, teaching, personal and professional relationships, and large and small construction sites. The latter has included coordinating interacting systems of various sizes and complexity.



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