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GISC's Learning Camp

Come join us for the GISC Camp and Reunion! Reconnect to friends and colleagues as you enjoy the beauty of learning and play on Cape

Cod during five days of professional and creative workshops.


We are planning on building a community that focuses on connection and new learning. We see this event as an opportunity to connect with friends and colleagues, while simultaneously meeting interesting people in a vibrant and fun learning culture.


The 5-day program includes:

  • INTENSIVE TRAINING: Each participant will choose one Intensive Training. Participants will meet as an ongoing group for three hours daily throughout the week.
  • MULTIPLE 2-HOUR WORKSHOPS: These sessions will offer you a wide range of choice and learning opportunities.
  • FREE TIME: One of our main goals is to create the space to see and catch up with old friends and classmates (and make some new ones) in beautiful Cape Cod.


We wholeheartedly invite you to join us and to reach out and invite other professional associates, program graduates and GISC members with whom you would like to spend time.


The spirit of this camp was built on the desire to CREATE COMMUNITY with friends and colleagues and to create a space at GISC for a new experience of learning , connecting, and growing together. Over and over we hear that it is a yearning for deep connection, community, laughter, play and inspired learning that draws people to GISC.

2019 GISC Learning Camp


Planning Committee: Valerie Libby, Joe Melnick, Spencer Melnick,

Melanie Nevis, & Zeynep Tozum

Day 1: Thursday, June 6, 2019




Welcome and Logistics




Check In & Large Group Activity








Workshop leaders offer brief descriptions of mini-workshops followed by selection by participants










1st Mini Workshop






Intro to Intensive- Getting to know fellow Intensive participants, and going over Intensive program



Wrap up- All Campers at GISC



Cocktail & Appetizers at GISC



Dinner on your own


Day 2: Friday, June 7, 2019




Check In & Large Group Activity









2nd Round of Workshops









1st Intensive Session





Wrap up- All Campers at GISC

Day 3: Saturday, June 8, 2019





Check In & Large Group Activity


2nd Intensive Session



Free Day


Day 4: Sunday, June 9, 2019
  9:00-10:00   Check In & Large Group Activity
  10:00-12:00   3rd Round of Workshops
  12:00-2:00   Lunch
  2:00-5:30   3rd Intensive Session
  5:30-6:00   Wrap up
  6:00-6:30   Break (complementary drinks at GISC)
  6:30-   All Campers Gala Dinner
Day 5: Monday, June 10, 2019
  9:00-9:30   Check In
  9:30-11:00   Preparation for Intensive Presentation & Intensive Group Closure
  10:30-11:30   Intensive Group Presentation
  11:30-12:45   Lunch
  12:45-1:30   Intensive Groups Presentation
  1:30-2:00   Farewell/ Next Steps



Intensive Trainings:

Each participant will choose one Intensive Training. Participants will meet as an ongoing group for three hours daily throughout the week.


African Dance & Drumming Workshop

Tara Murphy
For millennia, dance and drumming in Africa have brought people together in community to create peace and happiness. The uplifting dances and rhythms relieve stress and bring people to a place of joy. In this workshop, we will practice dance, drumming and song in a supportive, non-judgmental community setting. Tara Murphy will first teach the basic African movement style, as well as traditional dances from Guinea and Mali, West Africa. Students are free to dance according to their ability, practicing technique as well as the spirit of the movement. Then we will focus on drumming, learning the basics of hand and stick technique, and traditional rhythms from Mali and Guinea, West Africa. Throughout the dance and drumming, we will let our voices out as a group and sing simple, heartfelt African songs and chants. This dance and drumming workshop will get your blood pumping and your heart soaring...feel the rhythms and shake it out! This workshop will emphasize fun, community, self-expression and the joy of movement and rhythm.


Contemplative Creating
Paul Gebhardt
In this workshop we will explore how visual imagery can manifest gestalt principles. Creating from a contemplative and relaxing place participants will work in collage, drawing and watercolor. Through reflecting on our visual discoveries we will seek to deepen our connection to ourselves and others. Participants will draw from their own personal biographies as the source material for their art making. Small group dialogues and collaborative exercises will support our renewal and invigoration as we re-approach our work in the world.

Laughter Therapy: Building New Skills in our Personal and Professional Lives

Ellana Klnlgopoulou

Laughter is the tool which helps people develop a healthy and flourishing life. Fun, laughter and humor drive peoples' personal development, communication, and resilience. They help change and overcome old patterns while coming in stronger contact with internal needs. We are all born with the ability to laugh and we begin to laugh intentionally in our 3rd month of life. Many adults forget to laugh and become overly seriousness which drives us to be rigid and limited. Laughter helps people learn, improves the immune system, increases collaboration and changes behavior.
Laughter Therapy and Laughter Techniques can be applied to both personal or professional development. In this intensive workshop, you will learn basic techniques which you can use in everyday life at home or at work. Benefits include Resilience, Brain Gym, Team Building, Relations, Stress, Mindfulness, Engagement, and Conflict Resolution. You will discover childlike playfulness and joy by laughing for no reason. You will practice Gibberish, the Art of Nonsense, and realize its magic. And most of all you will feel good and look good!

The Practice of Family Constellations for Personal and Professional Growth

Katherine M. Curran, Ph.D

Family and Systemic Constellations is an indigenously inspired practice that was initially developed by a German ex-priest and psychotherapist named Bert Hellinger, from personal experiences with Zulu tribes people in South Africa.Constellations reveal a ‘life image’ of unconscious dynamics in a family, organizational, or social system. Through having participants represent elements in a system, a constellation can display relationships, entanglements and connections between people in a family, or people and/or functions in an organization or social system that we would not be aware of otherwise. We live the symptoms of entangled dynamics through patterns we create and recreate to our detriment - even over generations - with greater or lesser degrees of pain and/or unhappiness.


Constellations expand and change our sense of the ground of an issue so that we see the figure in a fuller, more meaningful light. They show what is out of order that leads to these symptoms, and by revealing this allow a healthier, more functional order to be established. Two distinguishing traits of this method are that it allows us to access and heal patterns created in earlier generations (i.e., transgenerational trauma), and that it does this through drawing on information available in an expanded sense of ‘the field’ as first described by Kurt Lewin. In this intensive, participants will learn the basics of constellations, have opportunities to either work on personal or professional issues, to represent in others’ constellations, and to debrief the experiences from a Gestalt point of view.


2-Hour Workshops:

These sessions will offer you a wide range of choice and learning opportunities. Participants will have the opportunity to select from the following 2-Hour workshops when they arrive at GISC.

  • Connection & Awareness through Creativity
  • Your Money Style
  • Proprioceptive Writing
  • Gifts and Challenges of Highly Sensitive People
  • Healing Chronic Pain and Stress
  • Identifying and Responding to Culture Competency, Unconscious Bias and Racial Differences Optimism, Resilience and Grit
  • AdvancedProfessional/Personal Supervision
  • Empathy and Photography
  • Leaning into Resistance
  • Experiencing the Orgasm Everywhere; Attending to the Energy andSensations for Spontaneous and Creative Change in Everyday Life
  • Beyond Words: Yoga and Mindful Movement


More About our Intensive Training Faculty


Katherine M. Curran, Ph.D., is a strategic change consultant, executive coach, and leadership development expert with a 25-year track record of success. Dr. Curran teaches at the graduate level as an adjunct faculty at St. Catherine University, St. Paul, MN. She has worked with a large array of corporate clients, several universities, agencies and departments of federal, state and local government, emerging high technology businesses, non-profits, and European corporations. She holds a Ph.D. and an evidence-based coaching certificate from Fielding Graduate University. Her Gestalt background includes holding a Two Year Post Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Group Process and Organization Development from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and having completed an undergraduate internship there (Humanism in Action). She has been trained in family constellations, trauma constellations and organizational constellations, the latter at the Bert Hellinger Institute in Groningen, the Netherlands. She and her husband, Michael McElwee, Ph.D., have started the Minnesota Center for Systemic Constellations, where they offer workshops, training and consulting using the systemic constellation method.

Paul Gebhardt is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and arts administrator from Portland, Maine. Currently Assistant Dean & Associate Professor at the Maine College of Art, Paul’s focus is on researching, practicing and teaching creative approaches to organizational engagement and social practice. Paul is an alumni of the Cape Cod Training Program and received his BFA in sculpture from the Portland School of Art and his MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College.


Eliana Kinigopoulou is a Coach, Gelotologist, Trainer for Laughter Therapy Practitioners, Cosmic Energy Healing Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner. Based out of Grace she has run her own business since 2009, offering seminars, workshops and lectures. In addition, she works with individuals, businesses, schools, organizations, hospitals, and nursing homes, using laughter therapy, drama games, improvisation and elements of positive psychology. Εliana’s background and history includes studies of Economics and Banking. She is a member of Intagio (International Association of Gestalt in Organizations), and founding member of the Association of Greek Gelotologists. Her passion is to help people get and remain connected to their own ability of self-healing and find their own purpose and meaning in their lives.


Tara Murphy is originally from Washington, D.C., Tara grew up studying ballet and theater. She earned her B.A. in theater and religious studies at Yale University, where she also began studying African dance. At this time Tara began exploring her heritage through African studies at Yale, and was awarded a fellowship to study traditional dance and drumming at the University of Legon in Ghana, West Africa. For the past 25 years, she has studied with many African and Afro-Caribbean artists in Washington, D.C., New York City and Boston. In addition to African dance, Tara has also practiced yoga and meditation since she was a child. Tara recognizes the practice of African dance and drumming as a tremendous force for healing, meditation, empowerment and community. It is her greatest honor to share the inspiration of these ancient traditions. This intensive will be held at Willy's Gym in Eastham, MA, a short drive from GISC. Carpooling will be available.







Dates June 6-10, 2019
Thursday, 10:00 am
Monday, 2:00 pm


  Traveling from outside North America? Ask us about our special discount for you!
Planning Committee
  Valerie Libby
  Joseph Melnick, PhD
  Spencer Melnick, LCSW
  Melanie Nevis, MA, LCAT, ACC
  Zeynep Tozum, MA, PCC
Location South Wellfleet, MA

Where to Stay


We have negotiated special GISC Learning Camp/Reunion rates with nearby hotels. Book your lodging now; prices good until May 1, 2019!


Four Points by Sheraton

3600 State Highway, Eastham, MA 02642

Rates and availability through

May 1: $159

Direct: 508-255-5000

Central Reservations: 1-800-368-7764

USE CODE: GISC to book online


Ocean Park Inn

3900 State Highway, Eastham, Massachusetts02642
Rates and availability through

May 1:$80

Direct: 508-255-1132

USE CODE: GISC to book online


Room rates are based on one or two people per room and are subject to MA Tax (currently 9.7 % and subject to change without notice). For any additional people in a room, please add $10 per night + tax per person. Room rates are per room, per night. Cancellation date for Individual cancellations is 7 days prior to arrival at Ocean Park Inn. Room rates are based on a minimum of 5 nights. There is a two night minimum stay over Saturday night.




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