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The GISC Summer Series

Realizing the Next Wave of Human Potential & Professional Growth

The new GISC Summer Series offers programs for clinicians, coaches and consultants that energize professional practice through personal growth and experiential training. Our learning adventures provide a variety of ways to grow self and enhance skills.



Who are we as helping professionals in today’s world? What learning supports our ongoing development as people and professionals? What helps us realize our highest aspirations for life and work?

The GISC approach to learning is experiential, embodied and intimate, with a high faculty-to-student ratio. Our Meetinghouse is set in the woods of the National Seashore in Wellfleet with immediate access to a walking and biking trail. Learning takes place in a grounding and supportive natural space.

Our Summer Series workshops are available in weekend or half-day weekday formats. Each program has limited enrollment to allow participants an in-depth experience in keeping with Gestalt values of immediacy and contact. Each workshop is facilitated by leading international Gestalt and depth psychology trainers.

APA CEs are approved; CEs for social workers and LMHCs are pending State Board approval. Weekday morning workshops earn 15 CEs; weekend workshops provide 10–14 CEs.

If you are a mental health practitioner, consultant, or coach…and you need to meet CE licensure requirements, please consider our lively learning alternatives. Check the program flyer links to learn more about these exciting workshops, newly available on Cape Cod. We hope to see you this summer!


Gestalt Therapy Now: Emergence and Applications of One Very Good Idea!
Mark Magerman PhD and Deborah Ullman MA
June 21 – 23

Begins: 9:00am - Ends: 12:00pm

CE Hours: 15

This is a human-to-human experiential, thoughtful and playful exploration of how to live and practice meaningful psychotherapy in the present moment, in the present world. What is Gestalt? Those of us who are long-term practitioners hear this question often. Those who sign up for a Gestalt workshop are sure to be asked. This weekend with Mark Magerman and Deborah Ullman offers a portable answer and more. We discover together how Gestalt enlivens our practices as clinicians, counselors, coaches, and as human beings intervening in a world in flux.

Diving In: Working with Dreams to Enhance Psychotherapeutic Practice
– Joseph Lee and Deborah Stewart
Fee: $375 ($425 for late registration)
June 24 – 28, 2013
Begins: Monday, 9am - Ends: Friday, 12pm
CE Hours: 15

Dreams provide a wealth of feeling and information that can aid clinicians and support the process of psychotherapy and personal growth. This workshop combines didactic and experiential learning, using participants’ dreams and dreams of significant historical figures to illustrate theory and begin the practice dream of interpretation.

Somatic Regulation in Recovery: A Gestalt Relational Model
– Michael Clemmens PhD
July 15 -19

Begins: 9:00am - Ends: 12:00pm
CE Hours: 15

In this workshop we explore how the sensory processes of addiction as stimulation management and self-soothing operate in these relational contexts. We identify a model of somatic regulation in recovery from alcohol and substance addiction. Participants have the opportunity to practice specific skills and interventions that support self-soothing and more embodied self-regulation for addicts in recovery.

Gestalt Relational Constellations: a Fresh Look at the Mystery
– Gordon Wheeler PhD and Nancy Lunney-Wheeler MAMFT
August 9 – 11

Begins: 9:00am - Ends: 12:00pm
CE Hours:

Systems Constellations is a remarkable new methodology for taking a fresh, often revelatory look at patterns in our lives where growth is blocked, and old, unsatisfying patterns seem to repeat. Our Gestalt inflection of this new work means that we place our focus on the client’s goals and the identification of new supports for new moves, drawing on the here-and-now embodied experiences of the group.

Letting Go of Stress: An Experiential Training where Leading Edge Science meets Ancient Wisdom
Susan B. Lord MD
August 12 – 16, 2013

Begins: Monday, 9:00am - Ends: Friday, 12:00pm
CE Hours: 15
Fee: $375 ($425 for late registration)

Step out of the stress of daily life and observe who you would be without it. Susan B. Lord, MD, and mind-body-spirit medicine trainer, is the guide for this experiential retreat that focuses on the practice of mind-body modalities for self-inquiry and healing. The modalities include movement, meditation, and a process for identifying and transforming the stressors that drain energy. This program enables you to discover how awareness and mindful living can enhance resiliency, and prevent and heal illness, while offering a creative, meaningful approach to living your life. For health care professionals: this approach enhances your outcomes for both physical and emotional conditions.

Money Matters: a Personal Workshop for Professional Development
– Patricia Boswell
Dates; August 16 – 18, 2013

Begins: Friday, 9:00am - Ends: Sunday, 12:00pm
CE Hours: 10
Fee: $300 ($350 for late registration)

Our relationship with money is complicated and contradictory. This weekend is an opportunity to admit that money matters and talk about money matters. (Does that send a bolt of fear and dread through you or do you feel a sense of relief?) Either way, this workshop is designed to provide a personal experience that enhances your relationship to money as well as building a foundation for working with clients around money management in your psychotherapy practice.


We look forward to having you join us and enjoy the beautiful Sonia March Nevis and Edwin C. Nevis Meeting House in South Wellfleet, MA.


Realizing The Next Wave of Human
Potential & Professional Growth:

The GISC Summer Series
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Diving In: Working with Dreams to Enhance Psychotherapeutic Practice
Dates: June 24 – 28, 2013
Monday, 9am
Friday, 12pm
Fee $375
  GISC Members: $325
  Late registration: $425
CE Hours 15
Presenters Joseph Lee
  Deborah Stewart

“The Gestalt International Study Center and its faculty have a unique, elegant and wonderfully simple way of working with individuals, groups and organizations. Participants experience the approach and get it in their bones. Unlike a typical training or lecture, this allows therapists, business and community leaders or consultants the means of sharing it directly with the systems they work in to achieve powerful impact. The tranquil setting of outer Cape Cod offers the luxury of a change in environment and the opportunity for reflection, which deepen the learning experience.”

Mark Hollern
Organization Development Consultant
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