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Other Training of Interest

One of the unique features of GISC is that we train not only organizational leaders and executives, but also practitioners of all types - consultants, coaches, therapists, and other professionals. This makes for a diverse and rich environment where the work of one group serves to inform and enliven the other. Many of our leadership development participants find value in the cross-training advantages of taking programs originally developed for practitioners and other individuals.


influence and Integrity

Influential leadership often calls for the same skills we teach to consultants, coaches, and other change agents. Many organizational leaders have found value in our practitioner and personal development programs.

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Designed for coaches, consultants, and other practitioners, the following programs may be of interest to leaders for further development and training:

Applying the Cape Cod Model© to Coaching
Working One-on-One
  Coaching and Consulting with Teams:
Applying the Cape Cod Model© in Organizations
For Consultants and Coaches
  Enhancing Your Intervention Skills
  Cape Cod Training Program
Creating Change and Positive Relationships with the Cape Cod Model
  A Competency Development Program for Coach Certification:
Skills for High-Impact Coaching
  The Next Phase
Life Strategies for Navigating Personal and Professional Transitions


“I continue to be amazed at the learnings I receive from GISC conferences and workshops, and the process and the culture at Gestalt. Now only 4 years after my first workshop I have a successful company that has and will continue to achieve some incredible results because of the culture I created from what I learned at GISC... and of course I have applied the learning to my personal life with great success.”

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Jim Cook
Senior Director Franchise Operations
Starwood Hotels & Resorts

“I have taken a lot of courses that have filled my head with a lot of wonderful ideas. Over time my recollection wanes and the course impact diminishes. Not so with the Center. The program I participated in at the Center has changed me. I am a different and better person. I am more effective at what I do and I have greater impact on the people around me. Because of the experiential nature, I cannot forget this program, it has become part of who I am.”

Managing Partner,
International Consulting Firm

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