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Programs For Leaders

Superior business performance is directly connected to the development of leadership capability. Organizations that invest in developing their people as effective leaders and managers create a sustainable advantage in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment. Organizations with highly effective leaders outperform competitors and have a meaningful and significant impact on their communities and the world.







Participants benefit from:

  • A personalized approach that develops the person in the position. The result is a more confident, resilient and adaptable leader who can better meet any situation as it arises.

  • Specific methodology for creating good teamwork and building organizational culture.

  • Extensive feedback about the impact participants have on others, and techniques that increase their presence.

  • Practice in the skills of leading group interaction, giving feedback and having conversations that involve difficult topics.

Organizations will benefit from:

  • Influential leaders who can positively impact both organizational culture and the bottom line.

  • Increased retention of employees through leadership capacity that develops and uses talent effectively.

  • Enhanced ability to respond to rapid shifts in the environment through leaders who understand how to manage change and respond to resistance.

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“Every one of my 100 CEO clients wants to
know how to do things better. GISC programs for leaders grow their power to answer these questions themselves and in a very deep and significant way – a way that will increase the bottom line of their
business and their soul.”

Will Phillips, CEO
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