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Mastering Executive Leadership

Leading the High-Performing Organization

GISC’s Mastering Executive Leadership program provides an opportunity for seasoned executives who are up to the challenge of creating a thriving future for themselves and their organizations.

Based on real-time feedback and the results of a comprehensive 360 assessment, you will build a foundational deep understanding of your current leadership. With this newfound awareness, you will establish a personal development agenda and will be challenged and supported to hone your leadership capability. 


With a cohort of like-minded senior leaders, you will engage in powerful learning experiences that will enable you to experiment with new concepts, tools and behaviors, and grow personally while expanding your capacity to lead effectively in an increasingly complex world. Extensive feedback from faculty, peers and others throughout the program will accelerate your development.    

One-on-one executive coaching between sessions is an integral part of the program. Between session coaching provides continued opportunity to reflect and make progress on your development agenda. Your coach will support and challenge you to apply learnings in your current leadership role.

Mastering Executive Leadership provides a rare opportunity to make rapid progress into breakthrough insights, new behavior, and greater levels of effectiveness.



As a participant in this program you will:

  • Deepen awareness of your strengths and development needs as a leader through real-time feedback and the results of a comprehensive 360 assessment
  • Gain clarity of leadership purpose and the courage to authentically create the outcomes you want and your organization needs 
  • Identify the vital few developmental opportunities  that will advance your leadership and create a plan to make it happen
  • Learn and practice new skills and behaviors to accelerate your ability to lead effectively in an increasingly complex world
  • Learn and practice skills that will enable your team to perform at its best
  • Develop a cadre of trusted peers to serve as a support system and resource throughout your career


Individual Leadership Coaching
In order to ensure the individual application of the learning, each participant will be paired with an experienced leadership coach. They will work together one-on-one and as part of a coaching team during and between sessions to explore specific application of the learning to their role and organization. Leaders will have the opportunity to continue with their coach after the program.

This program is for executives of small and medium sized businesses, nonprofits, educational and healthcare institutions, or of divisions within large corporations.


We highly recommend that leaders who are new to GISC training enroll in the Leading Self program to learn foundational concepts. There will be a small amount of pre-program work required for all Mastering Executive Leadership participants.


Follow-on Support: Optional fee-based ongoing coaching support is available post-program to maintain momentum and integration of learning.



“This is the first training where I practiced and experienced leadership instead of being ‘taught.’ Great, great program! The faculty are fabulous!”
Senior VP, Finance Farm Credit Lending Organization

“The GISC faculty were able to adapt the program to perfectly match our group’s needs”
Environmental Consultant
Publicly-Traded Consulting Firm


“I was the only director of a small nonprofit arts organization in a room full of major business executives.... The impact each of them had on my approach to leading my organization in the future was profound. The course at GISC was one of the richest experiences of my life.”
David Kuehn
Executive Director, Cotuit Center for the Arts


“While companies spend time focusing on management and financials, they often ignore the most important elements: people and leadership. This experience was one of the most profound personal and professional experiences that I have ever had. The impact was such that I have implemented a full leadership program in my company based on what I have learned in Gestalt. We are working to make Gestalt leadership a “way of being” for us - a central component of our culture, and a primary driver of our future success.”

Steven Aukers

“This program changed the way I thought about being a CEO in a family business. I had taken many leadership training courses over the years, but being able to apply them in a family business was difficult. In this program I learned so much about myself as a leader through feedback from the other participants. What stuck with me most, however, was a better understanding of the importance of awareness within a group. I am now able to see my team as a system, and understand how I can support them to be a better team.

Having an executive coach between sessions helped me stay focused and practice what I learned during the first week. I now have confidence to handle any type of resistance, turn it into constructive energy and use the power of emotion to get the best results out of my teams.”
Sid Snow
President & CEO
Snow’s Home & Garden

Program Dates and Fees

Mastering Executive Leadership
Leading the HIgh-Performing Organization



September 19-21, 2019

Session one

November 7-9, 2019

Session two

January 30-Feb. 1, 2020

Session three

Thursday, 9am
Saturday, 4pm
Program Length

Three 3-day sessions

Plus one-on-one coaching



GISC member $9,900


$250 non-refundable application fee (to be applied to tuition) is required with application.

Apply Online Here

Program length Three 3-day sessions plus one-on-one coaching
  Paul Rookwood
  Marianne Roy, PCC
  And additional GISC faculty
Location South Wellfleet, Cape Cod Massachusetts, United States


About GISC's executive education

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Former Executive Leadership faculty Bridget Farrands & Paul Rookwood describe GISC's senior leadership training


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