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Leadership Development Series for Team Leaders

Over the last 25 years, organizations have faced a rapidly evolving
landscape, one that is global in scope, increasingly complex, and unpredictable. To survive and thrive in this continually changing world, organizations are increasingly relying on teams to solve complex problems, innovate, and adapt.


Creating Results Today: A Program to Unlock Group Potential

GISC offers an array of highly experiential programs for team leaders to build the capability required to maximize team effectiveness and achieve breakthrough results. These practical, active-learning workshops will include team-based exercises, assessments, as well as large and small-group group discussions and presentations.

The following programs can be customized and brought into your organization. Please check back or contact the GISC office for 2019 - 2020 open enrollment dates!


Leading Highly Effective Teams

As teamwork becomes more important so too does team
leadership. Studies show that team leader effectiveness alone
accounts for 22% of the variance in team performance. This
means that effective team leaders must possess the skills,
abilities and mindset to help the team achieve both its task work
and effective team functioning for optimal results. 2 days


Solution-Focused Meeting Facilitation

Learn to facilitate creative and engaging team meetings which leverage the diversity of team members to solve problems while increasing team cohesion and collective effectiveness. 2 days

Managing Conflict on Teams

Learn to lead your team through the inevitable conflicting viewpoints, approaches, energies, and solutions through an understanding of multiple perspectives, managing resistance, and strategies for aligning team members for success. 2 days

These programs can be offered at GISC on Cape Cod or brought to a location of your choice or need.


Contact GISC for more details or information on how we can customize a team leadership program to meet the needs of your organization.


Steve Anderson
Founder and CEO
Legacy Publishing Company


“Through the GISC training, we built up the level of trust in our management group – built up their ability to be heard, to express their concerns, to bring out their ideas – to really create a strong group empowered to make positive changes in the organization. And also to make them good leaders. So they’re willing to listen to critical feedback, willing to give feedback – all the attributes you want and need in a successful organization from your leaders.”

Steve Anderson
Founder and CEO
Legacy Publishing Company




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