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Custom Programs for Organizations

GISC is a provider of custom-designed training, coaching, and consulting.
A strong, sustainable, effective organization requires the ability to balance the value of what exists and the potential of what could be. GISC partners with organizations to assist them in accomplishing their goals. Our custom programs are designed to engage members at all levels of an organization to meet the complex relational requirements of any successful change or development process.


Creating Results Today: A Program to Unlock Group Potential

GISC recognizes the competence, dedication, and motivation needed to achieve strong and intended results. The awareness, understanding and skills facilitated through GISC’s approach are relevant and useful at all levels of the organization. GISC provides customized training, coaching, consultation, and leadership development using a unique relational and strengths-based approach. This approach fosters an optimal environment for learning through increased awareness, appreciation of differences, communication skills, and social/emotional competence.

Customized Programs

GISC customizes consulting, coaching, and training programs strategically designed around the unique characteristics of each department, team, or organization. Programs provide intensive training and may be followed by ongoing coaching to further integrate program learnings.

Contact GISC for more details or information on how we can customize a program to meet the needs of your organization.

Among GISC's existing programs that can be customized for your specific needs and goals are:

Leading Self: Gestalt Foundations    
Essentials of Leadership: Leading Others    
Leading Highly Effective Teams    
Leading Virtual Teams    
Leading in the Middle: Building Influence, Driving Change    
Managing Conflict on Teams    
Solution-Focused Meeting Facilitation    
Clinical Leader as Change Agent:
Skills for Healthcare Transformation

These programs can be offered at GISC on Cape Cod or brought to a location of your choice or need.

Our Programs will help you to:

Enhance and strengthen a positive culture and organizational climate.    
Recognize patterns of resistance and respond effectively.    
Implement strengths-based assessment and evaluation systems.    
Develop mentoring and coaching strategies to enhance resilience and resourcefulness of teams and individuals.    
Identify, understand and appropriately support group interactions.    
Support your organization through times of transition.    
Cultivate inner authority and presence to bring out the best in yourself and others.    
Sustain your energy in the face of external and internal pressures.    
Illuminate personal and professional competencies.    
Sustain your energy and improve your sense of self-worth.    

Coaches and Consulting:

Supporting organizational initiatives including working with diverse individuals and groups.    
Responding to challenges of new technologies.    
Helping teams handle conflict.    
Building relationships between and within teams.    
Increasing employee retention.    
Creating an optimal culture for continuous improvement.    
Developing personal presence and influence.    
Leading change effectively.    
Supporting optimal group work and results.    
Developing exceptional leadership competencies and capacity.    


Contact GISC for more details or information on how we can customize a program to meet the needs of your organization.

Video Testimonials:

Steve Anderson
Founder and CEO
Legacy Publishing Company


“Through the GISC training, we built up the level of trust in our management group – built up their ability to be heard, to express their concerns, to bring out their ideas – to really create a strong group empowered to make positive changes in the organization. And also to make them good leaders. So they’re willing to listen to critical feedback, willing to give feedback – all the attributes you want and need in a successful organization from your leaders.”

Steve Anderson
Founder and CEO
Legacy Publishing Company




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