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Superior business performance is directly connected to the development of leadership capability. Organizations that invest in developing their people as effective leaders and managers create a sustainable advantage in an increasingly complex and competitive business environment. Organizations with highly effective leaders outperform competitors and have a meaningful and significant impact on their communities and the world.







Leaders often come to their positions with extensive technical knowledge and experience but limited development in the skills of leading and accomplishing
objectives through others. True leadership, rather than being the practice of power, is the ability to build influence and attract followers. Being influential requires understanding how one’s personal style and presence impact people,
in ways intended and unintended.

Using a well-established and proven approach, GISC’s leadership development programs will help leaders capitalize on their individual strengths to become more influential and effective, supporting their ability to lead high performing teams and organizations. GISC’s leadership training approach includes assessment tools, case studies, and a significant emphasis on practice, feedback and reflection.


Leadership at Every Level: GISC's Core Offerings


Leading Self: Gestalt Foundations for Success

Understanding yourself and your personal brand of leadership is fundamental to your success in the workplace, regardless of where you are in your career. Take two days to explore where your energy falls on the cycle of work, learn about your leadership presence and character strengths, and begin to see how to expand your range of competencies to maximize your effectiveness.
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Essentials of Leadership: Leading Others

Becoming a successful leader requires the development of skills such as team building, delegation, supervision and performance management as well as embracing new perspectives and values. Learn delegation and practice coaching skills in this interactive program aimed at the unique challeges faced by emerging leaders, managers of individual contributors, and those who will be leading others for the first time. Program includes follow-up online group coaching to help participants integrate the learing back at work.
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Leading in the Middle: Building Influence, Driving Change

A comprehensive leadership development program to address, in depth, the unique challenges mid-level executives and managers-of-managers face in their organizations. Participants will practice and explore their leadership style and presence, learn powerful skills of influence and communication, and approaches for managing organizational change.
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Mastering Executive Leadership

Mastering Executive Leadership: Leading the High-Performing Organization is GISC's core training program for senior executives, business and organizational leaders. Three 3-day sessions spaced several months apart are linked by individual coaching sessions for optimum learning and leadership growth.
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Further Learning and Focused Topics:


Facilitation Skills: For Trainers, Managers, and Group Leaders

Facilitation skills are increasingly recognized as an essential competence for managers, leaders and others responsible for ensuring groups, teams and organizations successfully achieve their outcomes and objectives.
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Finding Your Developmental Edge: Achieving Excellence

Using GISC’s signature strengths-based approach, this workshop offers an intensive and focused opportunity for participants to explore core competencies and surface their developmental edge. Participants will leave the workshop with an effective learning agenda that leverages core competencies to expand and broaden development, choice and impact.
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Professional Development Group for Leaders


GISC offers ongoing professional development groups for leaders and managers looking to build on their in-person learning. Groups meet monthly via convenient video-conference for 120-minute sessions.
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Visual Leadership: A Course in Graphic Facilitation


Used in meetings, workshops and similar settings, graphic facilitation is a visual leadership tool that promotes engagement, builds awareness and creates alignment among team members.
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Leading Virtual Teams: Increasing Virtual Work Effectiveness

Research shows that virtual teams can outperform co-located teams if they utilize new skills and processes to accomplish results. GISC's approach to connecting virtually provides the unique skills and perspective needed by leaders and their teams to make the transition to successfully working virtually. Please inquire about a special offering of this program for your organization. No open-enrollment session scheduled for 2019.
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“What I have learned from GISC has allowed me to create a more open and transparent company …so as our brand continues to grow in the marketplace, our organization can grow with that same mission, values, and beliefs… We walk the talk. Companies that can pull this off, I think, have a much better and healthier life and increased opportunity for success.”

Stephen McDonnell
CEO and Founder
Applegate Farms

“A year after taking GISC leadership programs, I’ve noticed how much more at ease I am in high-pressure situations. I’ve come to appreciate my strengths and rely upon them more naturally.”

Donna Sabecky
Community Connections, Inc.

“While companies spend time focusing on management and financials, they often ignore the most important element - people and leadership. The Leadership in the 21st Century experience was one of the most profound personal and professional experiences that I have ever had. The impact was such that I have implemented a full leadership program in my company based on what I have learned in Gestalt. We are working to make Gestalt leadership a ‘way of being’ for us - a central component of our culture, and a primary driver of our future success.”

Steven Aukers
Reckner & Blueberry



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