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Skills for Influential Leadership
This workshop introduces GISC’s model of influential leadership and presents the interpersonal skills that build highly effective groups and organizations. The focus will be on developing self-awareness and personal impact, understanding the cycle of change and how to productively handle resistance to change, and practicing techniques of managing teams.


Using a variety of feedback tools, participants will experience a rare opportunity
to understand their impact and build awareness of their competencies. Practical opportunities will be provided to explore how to increase influence and accomplish objectives. Through small group leadership exercises and case work, participants will practice how to support effective group behavior, effectively manage differences, and work with the dynamics of change and resistance.

The program will present research and theory of this leadership model but will emphasize practice, reflection, and feedback. Through a combination of presentations, individual and small group exercises, and discussion, participants will gain a new understanding of what characterizes effective leadership - both for themselves and for others.

Participants will learn, practice and apply core leadership concepts that will:

  • Increase their impact and ability to get things done with others
  • Improve their skills for managing differences in meetings and on teams
  • Develop their understanding and skill implementing change and working with resistance
  • Mobilize energy for participants and their teams in order to increase performance
  • Deepen awareness of the strengths their individual leadership style provides
  • Provide experience interacting with strategic intent to improve outcomes and achieve objectives

This program is suitable for mid-to-senior-level leaders, supervisors, and managers who seek new, more effective approaches to their roles. It may also be of interest to coaches and others who wish to support leadership development in others.

Continuing Education
Coaches: This program is International Coach Federation (ICF) certified for 15.5 core competency hours and 6 resource development hours. Please see the Continuing Education page for full details.


“This workshop allows for any leader to step outside of their functional expertise and realize a different way to impact and add value to their organization.”
2013 Participant

“The leadership skills program helped me to pinpoint strengths and identify key practices needing fine tuning or improvement. Can’t wait to get moving on what I’ve learned.”
Michael Foster
Retail Initiatives Manager, Hannaford Bros.




This program is no longer offered. For 2019 training, see Leading Others for the First Time or Leading in the Middle.

October 22-24, 2018
Monday, 9am
Wednesday, 5pm


GISC Member: $2,200
Massachusetts organizations: 50% tuition reimbursement is available for organizations with fewer than 100 employees. Click here for information about how to apply for these grants from the state.
CE Hours
Faculty: Øyvind Larsen
  Jamie Morin
Location South Wellfleet, Cape Cod Massachusetts, United States

“Already a seasoned professional, I moved to a new area and faced many challenges adjusting to changes in my personal and professional life. The Skills for Influential Leadership class helped me reevaluate the value and skills I bring to the table. I left the three-day program with renewed interest in collaboration and problem solving as well as a renewed sense of confidence. I can’t wait to go back to another program.”

Sheila Hoogeboom, MEd
Director of Business & Credit Programs
Community Development Partnership

“This program was a big help for me. I learned a lot about myself and several simple tools that improved my ability to work with and lead others on my team as well as my clients. I learned how to recognize and set aside some of my own assumptions about people and the challenges we were facing. This has allowed me to see new opportunities and solutions for moving my organization forward.”

Daniel Clark
Program Director

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