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Will the program make a lasting difference? What will be the return on my investment of time and money? The best measure we can offer you to answer these questions is words of graduates. The value of our programs is reflected in the profound and lasting impact participants tell us the experience has on their work and their lives, both immediately and for years to come. It is with great pride that we offer these testimonials along with those on program pages throughout the site.

GISC Leadership Development

GISC offers leadership development programs, for a range of profes-sionals from new managers and entrep-reneurs, to nonprofit leaders and upper-level executives.


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“I encouraged leaders from three different companies to attend programs at GISC
over the last five years. All of them indicated it was by far the best leadership
development experience that they had ever experienced. As result of GISC training, they are significantly more self-aware, make better use of their presence and are more able to design impactful and rewarding change interventions in their organization.”

Michael Walsh
Totem Hill

“The leadership program at GISC was instrumental in developing a deep personal understanding of what effective leadership really looks like. I had very traditional
views of leadership and management, and this program allowed me to stop trying to be those things and rather develop my skills in an inspiring, dynamic way that has shown clear, measurable results in my organization. Our restaurant chain is now the third largest independent pizza company in the US. I have stayed in touch with some of my classroom peers and to a person they experienced the same tangible results.”

Chris Adams
Director of Operations
Nick's Pizza and Pubs

“I have participated in many leadership development seminars and programs. While I found the material to be informative and engaging, I rarely found that they had a lasting impact. In speaking to people about my experience at the GISC I have come realize that it is the most valuable and lasting program in which I have ever participated. I particularly appreciated the methodology of allowing individual participants to draw their own meaning and learning out of the program rather than lecturing participants on good leadership. My personal learning was so much more significant and lasting.”

Mitchell Bellman
President & CEO
Jewish Federation of Ottawa

“By helping me to more effectively lead clients and mentor staff, this leadership
training has positively impacted my company’s work environment and I’ve achieved a 40% increase in revenue generation. “

Lori Moretti
CM Communications

"The Cape & Islands Nonprofit Leadership Development Program was an extremely worthwhile and profound experience for me, both in my educational leadership role and in my position on the Board of Children’s Place. The Gestalt learning experience went beyond developing skills for leading and influencing people in an organization; it engaged the participants in reflecting on their own leadership styles, understanding the complexities associated with bringing about change, and applying these results-oriented leadership skills within professional organizational settings. The personal growth that I experienced went beyond my expectations and, to this day, I find myself integrating these leadership skills in all aspects of my life."

Gail M. Briere
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum
Nauset Public Schools

“Thanks for asking my overall impression of the GISC experience. That experience has allowed me to become a powerful and gentle force in a large family with complex property and business dealings and no shortage of opinion or emotion. My goal has been to take at least one GISC program each year.I have always learned, become more aware, and kinder for each time I have visited your wonderful Center.”

Robert Greenberg
Executive Vice President
Minto Communities Inc.

“In the South African business environment, as in the rest of the country’s transitional social dynamics and quickly evolving identity scenarios, one quickly learns not to make any assumptions about the behaviour of those they are interacting with. I have found that my Gestalt learning and the tools and techniques that I learnt to practice and live by , have set me up to remain centred, present and aware of myself as I intervene. Knowing that I am the best tool that I have has taught me to constantly sharpen this tool through further learning, especially through practicing what I have learnt constantly. I can confidently say that now I am more aware of myself and my environment in the moment. I find that I engage others with intent and am able to manage my working relationships much better, easier and often with amazing shifts within large and small systems that I connect with. I know one thing for sure: you cannot do this Gestalt work and training and remain the same.”

Dumisani Magadlela PhD
Organisational Strategist
Development Bank of Southern Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

"Nonprofit leaders rarely have or take the time to recharge themselves. I love that leaders get to rethink how to approach the work and to practice new ways of
addressing their challenges. I’ve seen people change the way they interact with staff and board. They shift the conversations they have, to listen more effectively, to notice and name the things that might have escaped them before. By changing the conversations they change everything. What do we do with each other more than talk? Learning to engage in new ways has been essential."

Heather Berthoud
Berthoud Consulting
GISC Faculty for Leading Nonprofit Organizations

Adjunct Faculty at American University, NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science

“Every one of my 100 CEO clients wants to know how to do things better. GISC programs for leaders grow their power to answer these questions themselves and in a very deep and significant way – a way that will increase the bottom line of their business and their soul.”

Will Phillips
REX Roundtables for Executives

“Leadership in the 21st Century has been a revelation to me. It is a life-changing experience, really. What I like about the program is that whereas it talks to leadership, it is not only confined to business - it is leadership in all the facets of life - your family, your friends, your peers. For business I think it was amazing, it was overwhelming. The learning I got from the program is that the world is so full of possibilities. The way we look at the world limits us. We think there is a specific way of addressing things and that is the only way. This program brings some inspiration to say don’t limit yourself - think and consolidate on the positives. Negatives will always be there in any process, but don’t focus your attention on the negative, focus on the positive so that very little of your energy goes to the negative. For me that was powerful learning.”

Stadi Mngomezulu

Chief Financial Officer

National Treasury of South Africa

“I walked into Skills for Influential Leadership somewhat guarded, expecting a
‘touchy-feely’ experience as well as a lot of theory. To my delight, I walked out of it with a bagful of practical tools I can use in my daily professional or personal life.
The exercises we did on ‘awareness’ were an eye opener. While I am used to dealing with the outside world, the program taught me the power of consciously attending to my own internal sensations, thoughts and feelings and to use this information to regulate my behavior. This ability to improve my self-regulation really improves the quality and effectiveness of my interaction with others. Another very powerful tool I took away from the program is the positive way of looking at ‘resistance’ as well as the rational approach for dealing with it. These tools have allowed me to feel more confident and resourceful in dealing with differences in the workplace without going down the all too familiar confrontation path. Overall I’m very grateful for the opportunity this workshop provided me and I would recommend it to everyone.”

Louis Adandé
Chairman & CEO
Saoti Finance
Paris, France


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Leadership in the 21st Century:

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Stadi Mngomezulu
Chief Financial Officer
National Treasury of South Africa

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Doug Heatwole
Regional Manager
Ecology & Environment, Inc

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Samuel P. Solish
Eyecare Medical Group

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Jim Cook
Senior Director Franchise Operations
Starwood Hotels & Resorts

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John Milligan
Vice President, R&D
Autumn Harp

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Michel Losier
New Brunswick Power

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John van Nostrand
Founding Principal
planningAlliance, rePLan, regionalArchitects


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