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GISC Certified OD Consultants

We are proud to introduce our certified graduates here. The following have completed all requirements of their certification program.

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Graduates of GISC's
Advanced Practice OD Consulting Certification



Brenda Cook, RN, MSN, NEA-BC
Nursing Director
Southcentral Foundation
Alaska Native Medical Center

Donna Dennis, PhD  

Donna Dennis, PhD
President of Leadership Solutions Consulting
Coaching Specialization
Princeton, New Jersey


LaZell Hammons, RN, BSN
Nursing Director
Southcentral Foundation, Learning Institute
Anchorage, Alaska


LaZell Hammons joined Southcentral Foundation (SCF) in 1997. She plays a key supporting role in the Learning Institute to share the innovative ideas from the Nuka System of Care worldwide. As a facilitator, she leads a team of professionals to execute presentations, workshops and consultation in a format of the customer’s choosing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Alaska in Anchorage, Alaska and has had multiple roles from rural-based nursing, population-based case management in urban settings and administrative roles. LaZell was born in Haines, Alaska and is of Swedish/Norwegian descent. She has presented locally and nationally on whole-system improvement, coaching, workforce improvement, innovation, and SCF’s Nuka System of Care.

Shanaaz Majiet   Shanaaz Majiet
Deputy Director General, Department of Cooperative Governance
Republic of South Africa
Malcolm Poole  

Malcolm Poole
Malcolm Poole Coaching and Consulting
South Portland, Maine

  Barb Schmitz
Transition Specialist
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Ithaca, NY

Michael Shipman

Vice President,Director of Talent Development

Rockland Trust

Greater Boston, MA


Laurie Zuckerman

Owner, Zuckerman Consulting Group, Inc.

Cleveland/Akron, OH



"I began taking GISC courses as a new nurse executive several years ago. Coming from a military background, my leadership style was authoritative in nature and I struggled in many areas. GISC courses helped me to develop a more transformational leadership style leading to a very successful career in an internationally recognized healthcare organization. The coaching and coursework spurred me to grow professionally as well as personally. GISC was a life-changing experience that I highly recommend to anyone in leadership but especially in today’s healthcare arena."


Brenda Cook, RN, MSN, NEA-BC
Nursing Director
Southcentral Foundation


“This is an essential course for all coaches. The real bonus prize for me was in sequencing this course with the Applying the Cape Cod Model to Coaching course. Executive Personality Dynamics took my learning to an all time high and stimulating depth. This course grew my confidence significantly in dealing with a range of challenging coaching cases and anchored me that I would not be intimidated by
the complexity of personality dynamics. Rather, honouring each person as we show up in the moment and moving from a place of a much deeper understanding than ever before. This was the most important course for me as a coach. Wow, learning from Edwin and Peter will remain a highlight.”

Shanaaz Majiet
Executive Director
SMSC Consulting,
Cape Town, South Africa

"Cape Cod Training Program, although focused on teaching of skills, is a life
changing program. I know few people who have not come away from it without
saying that it has transformed the way they think and live in the world."

Joseph Melnick, PhD
Faculty Co-chair & Member



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