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Applying the Cape Cod Model in Organizations

GISC now offers an Advanced Practice OD Consulting Certification

If you've completed CCTP and Applying the Cape Cod Model in Organizations, you've already completed two of the core requirements for certification.

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Please find course materials and readings below. In order to allow for easier access and in an effort to help protect the environment, we are now offering course materials online.

Please read the following articles before your arrival at GISC in order to gain the most from the materials and the program:

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"Cape Cod Training Program, although focused on teaching of skills, is a life changing program. I know few people who have not come away from it without saying that it has transformed the way they think and live in the world."

Joseph Melnick, PhD, Chair


“The Cape Cod Training Program is, on the one hand, rooted in deep knowledge and understanding of the nature of individuals and groups. On the other hand it has been refined into a model that is precise and simple to learn. Having studied quite a few approaches in different programs I can say this combination of deep professional logic that has been refined into a clear powerful methodology is unique! I have found this model and the way it is taught by GISC’s skillful faculty a magical contribution to my work with individuals, teams, and organizations!”

Efrat Karin Salton, University Lecturer
Organizational Consultant
Graduate Program in OD Consulting

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