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Cape Cod Training Program | Europe

Develop Presence, Insight, and Skills for High-Impact
Interventions with the Cape Cod Model

The Cape Cod Training Program (CCTP) offers the opportunity to change
the way you see human behavior, human connections and human potential
in the workplace and in everyday life.


Theobalds Park, Hertfordshire
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The program has provided a distinctive learning opportunity for consultants, therapists, coaches and leaders from around the world since 1980. In structured and highly interactive sessions, participants learn how to become effective agents for change using the Cape Cod Model©.

CCTP teaches a specific process of intervening for the highest possible impact for individuals, dyads and small groups/work-teams. The program is structured so that content and theory presentations are followed by intensive small group practice sessions in which the foundational principles are applied. Because of our small faculty-participant ratio, this program provides an unusually high level of individual attention, with each participant receiving daily feedback from our seasoned faculty.

The first week of the program focuses on working with dyads and includes: perceiving the system as a whole instead of as separate individuals; exploring the role of the intervener; examining countertransference and boundaries; and understanding and connecting intimate and strategic ways of relating.

The second week focuses on working with small groups. Topics include: working effectively within a hierarchical system; introduction of the similarities between working with families and working with teams or other small groups; and learning how to help small groups become more effective and successful.

Whether you work with individuals, dyads, families, groups or work-teams, the Cape Cod Training program will enrich your capacity to intervene with impact.

Participants will:

  • Learn to use oneself as a powerful instrument of influence
  • Learn an approach that recognizes how people connect
  • Develop the ability to give compelling, appreciative feedback
  • Learn how to appreciate and articulate the competence of the client or client system
  • Understand a sequence of steps for intervention
  • Gain insights into the differences between strategic and intimate ways of relating and understand the appropriate use of each
  • Learn creative approaches to helping clients expand their range of behavior
  • Enhance their ability to work with differences
  • Have an opportunity for extensive practice
  • Receive daily faculty feedback


This program is designed to benefit coaches, organizational consultants, psychotherapists and other mental health and social service professionals, as well as leaders, educators, and others.

Further Study

For increased mastery of the Cape Cod Model© and practice in applying this methodology to specific situations in organizations, participants should also register for Coaching and Consulting with Teams and Applying the Cape Cod Model to Coaching. Psychotherapists and other mental health practitioners can gain more practice by taking Enhancing Your Intervention Skills. These programs provide extensive practice opportunities for specific application of the Cape Cod Model©.


Note: This program requires an application along with a $250 non-refundable application fee that will be applied toward tuition. Apply online here.



Coaches - ICF Continuing Education: This program is ICF certified for 85 core competency hours.



Cape Cod Training Program, although focused on teaching of skills, is a life changing program. I know few people who have not come away from it without saying that it has transformed the way they think and live in the world."

Joseph Melnick, PhD, Faculty Co-chair

“The Cape Cod Training Program is, on the one hand, rooted in deep knowledge and understanding of the nature of individuals and groups. On the other hand it has been refined into a model that is precise and simple to learn. Having studied quite a few approaches in different programs I can say this combination of deep professional logic that has been refined into a clear powerful methodology is unique! I have found this model and the way it is taught by GISC’s skillful faculty a magical contribution to my work with individuals, teams, and organizations!”

Efrat Karin Salton
Organizational Consultant,
University Lecturer
Graduate Program in OD Consulting, Israel


“The Cape Cod Training Program was immensely helpful for me, both personally and professionally. In my work as a psychotherapist, CCTP provided me a way to really ‘see’ my clients in the relationships and systems that they are a part of. ἀis knowledge has been very helpful in my work with couples and has improved my effectiveness. On a personal level, CCTP helped me to gain insight into my own dynamics within a system. Unlike other professional trainings, the largely experiential teaching methods allow for the information to be absorbed in a very meaningful way. I recommend CCTP to any clinician looking for a new form of personal and professional growth.”

Erika Hellwig



Dates and Fees:




Develop Presence, Insight, and Skills for
High-Impact Interventions with
the Cape Cod Model©

Dates have not been set for this program



$5,500 USD

GISC Members, $5,450

Application Note: This program requires an application along with a $250 nonrefundable application fee that will be applied toward tuition.
CE Hours 85 - ICF

Carol Brockmon, LCSW

Joseph Melnick, PhD,

Additional faculty drawn from:

Sharona Halpern, MA, LMHC, ACC (Co-Director),

Nancy Rutkowski, PhD, and Stuart N. Simon, LICSW, MCC


Practicing what we teach...


We help you to develope your own unique way of using the model. Through decades of teaching and practicing the Cape Cod Model, the program faculty is attentive to each participant and responsive to their particular needs and learning edge during the course of the program.


The most impactful tool you have as an intervener is you. Learning about yourself and how you see the world will expand your range of choices and enable you to become a more competent practitioner by becoming the fullest version of yourself.


We believe that when it's safe to be yourself, you become open to possibilities. We create the space to help you grow, to gain competence, and to see competencies in all systems. We teach you how to move toward and embrace differences, affirm others, and make interventions that have genuine impact, increasing your ability to bring about profound change in individuals and organizations.

CCTP is also offered in the US.

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