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Cape Cod Training Program Fourth Week Europe / UK

Advanced Training in the Cape Cod Model

This program is designed to deepen your understanding and practice of the Cape Cod Model.


Practitioners will have the opportunity to increase their competency with the Cape Cod Model, with a goal of enhancing their ability to intervene with confidence and high impact in their work with individuals, couples, families, groups and teams. Additionally, participants will be supported to continue to explore their own personal development, with an opportunity to identify professional "blind-spots" as well as their personal and professional "growing edge."

This five-day program is open only to graduates of the Cape Cod Training Program Third Week (or graduates of CCTP with permission of faculty). The program is structured to increase the learning and practice of core principles of the model. New theory and concepts (not covered in the Cape Cod Training Program) will be introduced.


Class size will be limited to provide a concentrated, accelerated learning environment, as well as the ample opportunity for daily practice and feedback from senior faculty.


Participants will:

  • Gain experience in noticing, appreciating and engaging resistance
  • Learn how to see a system through additional lenses such as "strategic/intimate" behaviors and the cycle of experience
  • Increase their awareness and expand their range of personal and professional presence
  • Gain experience in creating and maintaining trust with a client or client system
  • Develop greater competence and confidence to effectively intervene with a client or client system
  • Practice creating, introducing an de-briefing Gestalt experiments
  • Have an opportunity for extensive practice with experienced colleagues under the guidance of senior faculty


This program is designed for graduates of the Cape Cod Training Program: The Third Week; as space is available, CCTP graduates will be considered with permission of faculty.


Continuing Education

This program is pending certification by the ICF. Please contact GISC or the ICF for updated status.

“The Gestalt International Study Center and its faculty have a unique, elegant and wonderfully simple way of working with individuals, groups and organizations. Participants experience the approach and get it in their bones. Unlike a typical training or lecture, this allows therapists, business and community leaders or consultants the means of sharing it directly with the systems they work in to achieve powerful impact. The tranquil setting of outer Cape Cod offers the luxury of a change in environment and the opportunity for reflection, which deepen the learning experience.”

Mark Hollern
Organization Development Consultant
Covance, Inc.


“The Cape Cod Training Program was immensely helpful for me, both personally and professionally. In my work as a psychotherapist, CCTP provided me a way to really ‘see’ my clients in the relationships and systems that they are a part of. This knowledge has improved my effectiveness in my work with couples. On a personal level, CCTP helped me to gain insight into my own dynamics within a system. The largely experiential teaching methods allow for the information to be absorbed in a very meaningful way. I recommend CCTP to any clinician looking for a new form of personal and professional growth.”

Erika Hellwig

Dates and Fees:

Cape Cod Training Program:

Fourth Week- Europe / UK

Advanced Training in the Cape Cod Model

November 8-12, 2019
Friday, 9am
Tuesday, 5pm



CE Hours 34 ICF
  Carol Brockmon, LCSW, PCC
  Joseph Melnick, PhD
Additional faculty drawn from:

Sharona Halpern, LMHC, ACC

Nancy Rutkowski, PhD, PCC

Stuart Simon, LICSW, MCC


Theobalds Park, Greater London Area, UK

Hotel Booking Information

Note: Meals & Accommodations NOT included.

Participant B&B rate is £112.80 including VAT.

Participants must book rooms directly with Theobalds Estate before September 30, 2019.


Telephone: 44-1992-645-537



The “Third Week” sounds like a refresher and consolidation of the CCTP. It was so much more than that. With a field of participants who had embodied the core Cape Cod Model principles well beyond the end of the “Second Week” (i.e. completion of the CCTP), the quality of interactions and readiness for advanced teaching was on a new and exciting level. Carol and Stuart were up to this task. Not only did they work beautifully together, they seemed to relish the opportunity to share more deeply of their expertise—and they did so generously.”


John Durland, Ph.D



This program earns top grade for creativity in a powerful, safe, and playful learning environment for participants (who came from different backgrounds, practices, etc.) to explore themselves and their practices. It created a space for me to do exploratory personal work that I could not do anywhere else. Bravo!


College Professor




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