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Facilitation Skills

For Consultants, Coaches, Trainers, and Group Leaders

Facilitation skills are increasingly recognized as an essential competence for consultants and coaches seeking to better serve their clients in this time of rapid change, polarized public discourse, increasing diversity, and globalization.


These skills are also an essential competence for managers, leaders and others responsible for ensuring groups, teams and organizations successfully achieve their outcomes and objectives.

A Facilitator contributes structure and process to group meetings, events and gatherings to ensure that groups are able to work and learn collaboratively, function effectively and make high quality decisions.


Maximizing the use of facilitation skills increases the effectiveness of meetings and events, acknowledges the value of diverging opinions, helps minimize conflict, increases participation and enables groups to better understand the dimensions of a problem or issue, generate new ideas and make informed decisions. A skilled facilitator selectively applies tools and techniques to help groups:


  • Work together effectively
  • Create the environment/conditions for individuals to bring their best contributions
  • Harness individual and collective potential and productivity to achieve desired outcomes.

This program provides participants the opportunity to acquire and practice the essential skills of facilitation, ensuring the learning is easily and effectively applied immediately upon return to work.


Participants will be introduced to a range of tools and techniques aimed at:

  • Increasing confidence and impact in effectively working with groups
  • Reinforcing the facilitator role as contributing structure and process rather than content¬†
  • Using an inclusive facilitative approach in meetings and teams to increase engagement, trust and results
  • Understanding Gestalt concepts that enrich and support the facilitated group experience
  • Facilitating meetings and events that invite high levels of participation
  • Guiding respectful resolution of disagreement and conflict with greater confidence
  • Dealing competently and respectfully with unhelpful participant behaviors
  • Ensuring that participants feel acknowledged, valued and heard
  • Providing an opportunity to practice facilitation skills and receive feedback


This program is for consultants, coaches, trainers, managers, team leaders and others who want to develop and extend their facilitation skills as a means of working more effectively with people in a wide range of team/group settings.

The overall aim of the program is to build knowledge, competence and confidence as a facilitator by:

  1. Modeling facilitation-in-action for participants,
  2. Providing content so participants develop greater understanding of individual needs in groups, group dynamics and the role of facilitation as a process that unlocks the potential and power of groups,
  3. Supporting learning though reflection, dialog and group discussion, and
  4. Developing facilitator skills and confidence through practice


This highly experiential workshop provides participants with the opportunity to acquire and practice the essential skills of facilitation and is designed to prepare participants to apply new skills, techniques and tools upon their return to work. A facilitator’s toolkit with tips, tools, techniques, checklists, and additional resources will be provided.



Continuing Education

<strong><img src="../images/icflogo07rgbSm.jpg" width="85" height="40" hspace="2" vspace="1" border="2" align="left" /></strong>Coaches: This program is International Coach Federation (ICF) certified for 18.75 core competency continuing education hours. Please see the Continuing Education page for full details.



Dates and Fees:

Facilitation Skills:

For Consultants, Coaches, Trainers Managers, and Group Leaders

Dates Please inquire about 2020 dates.
Monday, 10am
Wednesday, 3pm
CE Hours 18.75 ICF
Location South Wellfleet, Cape Cod
Massachusetts, United States


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