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Working with the Mind in the Body:

Advanced Embodied Presence in Practice

The way in which we embody ourselves is integral to our experience of others, and to others’ experience of us – our impact. This highly experiential workshop will draw on knowledge from the frontiers of neuroscience and clinical practice to help practitioners exert a powerful, mindful influence on their client’s conscious and unconscious experience for increased success.



*For more information about Working with the Body in Mind: Embodied Presence in Practice (Part I), please click here.*


The messages we send before we even open our mouths are the ones that clients respond to most directly and most powerfully. Becoming more aware of these messages means becoming more aware of our physical carriage: the timbre, pace, and pitch of our voice; the speed of our gestures; the engagement of our facial expressions; the ebb and flow of our breathing; and more. Awareness of these typically unconscious aspects of our physical presence allows us to experiment with them, to gain greater and greater skill with them, and to recruit them as powerful allies in our work.


Our bodies are an extraordinarily sensitive “register” of subtle events in the field. Attending to our own physical responses gives us a great deal of information about what’s happening in our environment and offers insight into a client’s reality that’s unavailable through direct questioning.


In addition, with our support, our clients’ learning and growth can be accelerated by raising their embodied awareness. Greater awareness of – and experimentation with – subtle shifts in breathing, movement, energy, and posture can grant access to a new and expanded capacity in the world.


This workshop will allow participants to deepen their experience of embodied presence, and to track their moment-to-moment physical awareness with growing precision. Building on these foundations, participants will begin to develop more and more sophisticated body-oriented observation and intervention skills.



Participants will:

  • Further their insight into their own embodied presence.
  • Experience and practice additional techniques to support their
    own embodied experience and awareness.
  • Develop a wider range of options in using their physical
    presence to heighten their impact.
  • Develop deeper access to relevant information in the field.
  • Develop insight into how clients’ physical structure holds the story of life experiences and themes.
  • Deepen their ability to build body-oriented experiments and interventions skill for heightened impact.


This workshop is limited to participants who have completed the entry level “Working with the Body in Mind” workshop or the equivalent.


Continuing Education

Coaches: This program is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for CCE credit.


Dates and Fees:

Working with the Mind in the Body

Advanced Embodied Presence

(Working with the Body in Mind Part II)

Dates March 15-17, 2019
Begins Friday, 9am
Ends Sunday, 1pm


$945 GISC Members

CE Hours 19
Faculty Archie Roberts, MA
  Ann Carr, MS, MCC, GPCC™


Gestalt International Study Center
1035 Cemetery Road, P.O. Box 515, South Wellfleet, MA 02663
Phone: +1 508 349 7900