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Highly Sensitive (Live-Online)
Embracing the Gifts and Challenges 
For Yourself, Your Clients, or Your Children

Highly sensitive people make up 20% of the population, and are born with a trait of a more finely attuned nervous system.They may have multiple sensory sensitivities, experience emotions and energy very deeply, and have a heightened depth and speed in processing information and in how they experience and take in the world.  




High sensitivity brings many wonderful strengths and can also lead to overwhelm, overstimulation,anxiety and other challenges. Many children and adults who are highly sensitive have spent their lifetimes feeling “different," alone or misunderstood. Understanding and embracing this trait is profoundly healing for our clients, our children, and ourselves.  This program will explore practical strategies for navigating both the challenges and gifts of high sensitivity.


Do you or your clients or children:


  • Become easily overstimulated and need alone time to replenish from overload?
  • Have a rich and creative inner life, feeling emotions intensely, and processing thoughts, observations, and experiences at a deeper level than most people?
  • Have some degree of increased sensitivities to light, smell, taste, touch, temperature and sound, chemicals?
  • Absorb the emotions or tension of those around you and get overwhelmed, anxious or experience somatic symptoms?
  • Feel strong empathy and readily sense the energy, emotions and needs of others?


These are just some of the possible attributes of high sensitivity.


The program includes four weeks of live-online group classes and one 60-minute individual Zoom video coaching sessions tailored to the needs and specific interests of each participant, as well as written and recorded materials.

In a supportive environment, you will:

  • Understand the definition of highly sensitive and why it is a trait and not a disorder 
  • Learn about the recent research in high sensitivity including differences in how the brain and nervous system process information, and experience sensation and emotions
  • Explore and learn to embrace the wonderful gifts of high sensitivity, and how to more fully bring them into your or your clients' lives
  • Understand the challenges and stresses for people with high sensitivity and experience practical methods for addressing them
  • Learn and practice the important and unique self care for highly sensitive people
  • Explore the profound therapeutic healing effect of understanding and working consciously with high sensitivity
  • Receive guidance and resources for applying this in your practice or for your personal healing and growth



This program is beneficial for:


Therapists, coaches, educators and other practitioners who work with highly sensitive people. (It is estimated that 50% of clients who to come to therapy are highly sensitive). Understanding and normalizing this trait with clients can bring powerfultherapeutic benefits.


Individuals who want to explore if they are highly sensitive, or already identify as such, and yearn for a deeper understanding and self acceptance of how to embrace and work with both their gifts and challenges.


Individuals who are in relationships with highly sensitive people and would like to better understand their partner and improve their relationship.


Parents of highly sensitive children who are seeking to better understand and support their children. Research is showing that how are you understand, accept, embrace and normalize your child’ sensitivity and help them to do the same, has a tremendous effect on success, confidence and well being in their lives.


Live Online

Participants will receive an orientation packet including all connection information upon registration. Classes will be recorded and provided to any participant who cannot attend all sessions live. 


Continuing Education

All participants will receive a certificate of completion. Coaches: program hours can be used for ICF Resource Development Hours.




Dates and Fees:

Highly Sensitive:

Embracing the Gifts and Challenges

(Live Online)

Four weekly sessions +

one individual coaching session

2020 Dates TBA


Wednesdays 1:00-2:30 pm EST

Format Weekly live-online class plus one individual 1-hour coaching session with faculty


  GISC Member: $350
Early Bird



CE Hours 7 CE Hours
Faculty Melanie Nevis, MA, LCAT, ACC

Sessions meet: 

Four Wednesdays, 2020



“The virtual class was an excellent way to reach participants who cannot travel but want the learning.”

Program Participant

“I participated in the Mind-Body Coaching program last
year and followed with a series of individual coaching conversations with Melanie. Although the reference to ‘dealing with chronic pain’ is what initially caught my eye, that was but a small part of her impact and my reward. Melanie’s deep, calming expertise combined with her caring use-of-self in a way that instilled better understanding and capacity for handling my own pain and inner turmoil. It also reminded my body and soul of how much better I am as a practitioner and person when I take the time to be still and listen.”

Ginny Storjohann, MCC Executive Coach and Consultant, Leadership and OD


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