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Our international community of faculty and graduates is engaged in constantly refining theory and practice through academic and workplace research and publication. The constantly accelerating pace of change in the world requires ongoing development of new applications and as a nonprofit community of experts we are committed to a breadth of thinking, rather than limited by the approach of one individual or corporation.


Mending the World: Social Healing Interventions by Gestalt Practitioners Worldwide

Joseph Melnick, PhD Edwin C. Nevis, PhD

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Because our faculty is working out in the world and is not an academic faculty, we don't require them to research or publish. However, we do feature the books of our faculty authors in our GISC bookstore reflecting their specific interests in research and applications. Books by these accomplished writers can be purchased on-site at GISC, here in our eBookstore, as well as from your favorite bookseller.



In Search of Good Form by Joseph C. Zinker
- Gestalt Therapy with Couples and Families

Organizational Consulting by Edwin C. Nevis
- A Gestalt Approach

On Intimate Ground Edited by Gordon Wheeler
& Stephanie Backman


We publish an academic journal, Gestalt Review, reflecting a wide variety of organizational and clinical research and application from our international community. Gestalt Review is published three times a year.



Our blog features interviews, Center news, and brief articles on the effective application of Gestalt theory and GISC training by a broad spectrum of users in a range of settings. Depending on the post, you might find a perspective by a bank president, community social worker, or consultant to new governments. We are moving to the GISC blog as our primary public communications vehicle in lieu of the newsletter published in the past. We hope you will visit often and share your comments with us and the GISC community.
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Visit this space regularly to see what our faculty and professional associates are publishing in industry publications and link to articles of interest.

Bridget Farrands, "A Gestalt Approach to Strategic Team Change," from OD Practitioner, Volume 44, Number 4, 2012.

Gwynne Guzzeau, "Communication Counts: Coaching Strategies for Estate Planning Practitioners," Probate and Property, Volume 26, Number 6, 2012 by the American Bar Association.


We are engaged in formal study groups, annual conferences exploring special topics, commissioned research, and field study as we seek to continuously deepen our insight into how people work well together.


Gestalt Research Press

Gestalt Research Press is a publishing organization, an imprint of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy. It is the outgrowth of gestalt therapists interested in developing a research tradition for gestalt therapy, and it came into being through meeting together at the Research Conference 2013 in Cape Cod (held at GISC and co-sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy) and the Research Methods Training Seminar, 2014, held in Rome (and sponsored by the European Association for Gestalt Therapy). At this site you will find a growing body of information about research and the people involved with it, notices of relevant events of interest, and other aspects of an evolving gestalt research community.

"The Money Dance"
- Patricia Boswell, Summer Series Guest Instructor

Bringing Citizen Voices to the Table - Carolyn J. Lukensmeyer, PhD

Gestalt News & Notes - for a listing of GISC and other Gestalt news and events.



“I have taken a lot of courses that have filled my head with a lot of wonderful ideas. Over time my recollection wanes and the course impact diminishes. Not so with the Center. The program I participated in at the Center has changed me. I am a different and better person. I am more effective at what I do and I have greater impact on the people around me. Because of the experiential nature, I cannot forget this program, it has become part of who I am.”

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