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Sending Clients

Gaining a shared language and awareness has motivated many of our graduate practitioners to refer their clients to GISC programs. We have developed an easy referral program with guarantees that your client relationships will be protected and enhanced. We invite you to explore the benefits to you and your clients.

Summer and Fall Programs on Cape Cod

Many participants like to combine professional development and personal down-time in a single trip to Cape Cod at this lovely time of year.

Visit our Calendar Page for a look at all our great summer and fall programs.

Practitioners will benefit by sending their clients:

  • Clients gain a shared language and can join with their consultants or coaches for more effective results.

  • Clients become more receptive to consulting and coaching interventions.

  • Clients become more self-aware and interested in their development.

  • Clients expand their learning with peers beyond their organization and industry sector.

  • Clients appreciate the excellence of their GISC experience which reflects positively on the client relationship.


    "Every one of my 100 CEO clients wants to know how to do things better. GISC programs for leaders grow their power to answer this question themselves and in a very deep and significant way.  A way that will increase the bottom line of their business and their soul."

                                                -  Will Phillips, CEO
                                                   REX Roundtables for Executives


"I persuaded an executive coaching client to attend GISC's Leadership in the 21st Century program. The program ended up being one of the most valuable experiences of her working career. The GISC faculty and program coaches complemented (versus competed with) my client relationship, and my client was extraordinarily appreciative for the part that I played in her ability to truly blossom."

Marianne Roy
Coach & Consultant


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